Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nicki minaj look alike

Ok u guys.. this is the most "exact outfit" i can put together to look like nicki! I realise that stardoll does not have nicki minaj doll.. PPL she is BLAZING! n she has alot of wigs and fits its about time to have a doll for her.. Its been almost a year since i was away from stardoll and sadly i cant see much difference:/..

Ma passion for pink!

Yep thats ma blackberry and ma ipod:] i just had to bling it all in pink! lol Well i didn actually bling directly on my phone i used a casing so that i can change it whenever i want:]

This is how it looks like right now! That lil crown makes me feel like a princess! lol haha well yea i looove ma berry n someday i might have a blogshop where i sell handmade blinged casings:D

Ma latest design

Inspired by alexander mcqueen.. Well i had to get an inspiration for my design and i picked a.mcqueen.. when i learned more about him i was soo into his style.. then i learned he designed outfits for lagy gaga! When i finally submitted my work.. 2 weeks later he hanged himself in his closet.. It really shocked me:/ like why it has to happen when i was getting into his designs... well R.I.P A.mcqueen.. Hope u guys like it! especially those shoes! stardoll should have more of gaga's fits

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Design contest!!

Hey everyone since im learning fashion its like a dream come true for me to finally show all my stardoll friends my talent! i sketched these designs for one of my collection! take a look!

see that signature below? If u buy a beautiful dress and if there's a itchy tag behind u will find that name on it!! hehe

Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Saturday, September 12, 2009

I had a friendly competition in ma club among ma besties and its for the best medoll. I want u guys to vote for the best medoll=] Its simple=] Just use the voting pole to vote for them=] Their name is shown under their individual medoll. Vote now!

Non superstar TREAT!!

Hey ma dear readers, I'm back and ofcourse with a good news! Did u guys know about avril's new perfume? BLACK STAR! Well in stardoll they sell outfits that avril actually wore in the advertisement for the perfume!! grab them in starplaza with prizes from 5sd to 10sd!! They are beautiful and unbeleivable that its for non superstar!!! Collect them before they are gone!